A brown man beats up another brown man 4 the entertainment and monetary gain of white people. Who REALLY won?

Edited for the pressed apologists who got their feefees hurt

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    I care not for race, I look past skin color. The individual is all that matters to me. Harping on race will not help...
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    Yes, a post tagged “manny pacquiao” and “juan marquez” on the night of a Pacquiao vs. Marquez fight which has brought on...
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    Filipinos have been exploited as fuck. We’re America’s “little brown brothers” for shit’s sake.
  5. filipeanut said: Bob Arum. He wins every fight. j-aye-oh.tumblr.com/pos…
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    This is ignorant. Quit that.
  7. horridlittlegames said: You might want to check the fan demographics. White boxing fans (thought not management) are a dying breed. The sport is definitely exploitative but its more complex than that.
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